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Snow Goose Mounts: The Ultimate Guide for Hunters and Enthusiasts

A snow goose mount is a way to preserve and display Snow Geese for hunters and enthusiasts alike. They are permanent replicas of the bird in its natural form which can be mounted on walls, mantles, and shelves for generations to appreciate. For many, mounting their snow geese is a way to remember the thrill of their hunt or keep a beloved pet close. Snow goose mounts have grown in popularity over the years, and with a skilled taxidermist, you can create a stunning one-of-a-kind piece.

Types of Snow Goose Mounts

When selecting your snow goose mount, it is important to know what type best suits your needs. From standing poses to groups, there are a variety of options available.

Standing Mount

This is the traditional form of mounting snow geese. They are placed upright on their own two feet and look as if they were just standing in the field.

Flying Mount

As its name suggests, this type of mount has the goose suspended in mid-flight, wings outspread and beak pointed forward. It is the perfect option for displaying a majestic snow goose in flight.

Sitting Mount

A sitting mount shows the bird perched on its haunches with its wings folded against its body. This type of pose creates a more intimate look at your snow goose.

Group Mount

Group mounts are great for displaying multiple birds in one pose. They can be set up in any number of formations, making it a creative and unique way to show off your snow geese.

Custom Mount

For something truly special, you can have a custom mount made for your snow goose. This allows you to choose the exact pose or even add additional elements like foliage, grasses, trees, or rocks to create a unique piece.

Choosing the Right Taxidermist for Your Snow Goose Mounts

Once you’ve chosen the type of mount you want, it’s time to find the right taxidermist to bring your vision to life.

Research and Referrals

You’ll want someone experienced and knowledgeable about mounting snow geese, so research and referrals are key. Ask other hunters or wildlife enthusiasts for their recommendations. You’ll also want to check out portfolios and read reviews of the taxidermists you’re considering.

Credentials and Qualifications

Don’t be afraid to ask for credentials and qualifications from the taxidermists you’re considering. Make sure they have the necessary permits and licenses to do the work.

Portfolio and Samples

You’ll also want to ask for a portfolio of their past work so you can get an idea of their style and quality. Ask to see samples of poses, feather detailing, and other elements like habitat and foliage that you may be interested in.

Cost and Timeframe

Finally, make sure to ask about the cost of your mount as well as the timeframe for completion. Make sure to get an estimate in writing so there are no surprises when it’s time to pay.

Preparing the Snow Goose for Mounting

Once you’ve chosen a taxidermist, it’s time to prepare your snow goose for mounting.

Field Care and Cleaning

The first step is to make sure your snow goose is properly cared for in the field. This means removing any shot, feathers, and dirt before bringing it home. You’ll also want to remove the guts of the bird and save any usable parts like skin or claws for mounting.

Choosing the Right Pose

Choose a pose that best fits your snow goose's personality and captures its beauty. The taxidermist will help you decide if you’re unsure.

Wiring and Positioning

Once you’ve chosen a pose, the taxidermist will wire and position your snow goose for mounting. This helps keep it in place while drying and stuffing.

Preservation and Packaging

Your taxidermist will then preserve your snow goose and package it for shipment or pickup.

The Art of Snow Goose Mounting

Once the preparation is complete, it’s time for the taxidermists to do their work. This involves a combination of science and art to create a stunning lifelike mount.

Anatomy and Proportion

A skilled taxidermist knows how to get the proportions just right, from the size of the wingspan to the bill length. They know how important this is for creating an accurate representation of your snow goose.

Feather Detailing and Coloring

Taxidermists use special paints, dyes, and airbrushing techniques to accurately recreate feather detailing and color. This is what gives the mount its lifelike appearance.

Eyes and Bill

The eyes and bill are two of the most important features that need to be carefully recreated by a taxidermist. They use specially designed paints and techniques to get it just right.

Base and Habitat

The base of your snow goose mount provides an area for habitat accents like rocks, foliage, grasses, trees, or anything else you want to add to make it unique. Your taxidermist will work with you to create something special that reflects your vision.

Displaying Your Snow Goose Mounts

Once your snow goose mounts are complete, it’s time to show them off! You can display them in your home, office, or wherever you want to show off your prized trophy.

Choosing the Right Location

Choose a spot that is well-lit and free from direct sunlight and moisture. A room with adjustable lighting is ideal so you can adjust the brightness for optimal viewing.

Lighting and Background

You’ll also want to consider what type of background you want for your mount. You can choose a solid color backdrop or go with something more interesting like wood grain or wallpaper.

Maintenance and Cleaning

To ensure your snow goose mounts look their best for years to come, make sure to dust them regularly and follow any maintenance instructions provided by your taxidermist. If possible, have them inspected by a professional every few years to ensure the integrity of your mount.

Tips for Capturing the Perfect Shot

When it comes to photographing your snow goose mounts, there are a few tips that can help you get great shots. Try using natural light and a neutral background, as well as making sure your camera is at eye level with the mount. Also, take multiple shots from different angles and perspectives.

With these simple tips and tricks, you’ll be able to proudly display and photograph your snow goose mounts for years to come.

Snow Goose Mounts as Decorative Items

Snow goose mounts make great decorative pieces for your home or office. Whether it’s a full-body mount or just the head and wings, these beautiful birds can be a stunning addition to any room.

Home Decor Ideas

A snow goose mount is a great way to add some subtle color and texture to your living space. Hang it on a wall in an entryway or above the fireplace for a dramatic look.

Office Decor Ideas

For an office, you can use a snow goose mount as part of a nature-inspired design scheme. Place it on top of a bookshelf or desk to give your workspace character and personality.

Gift Ideas

Snow goose mounts also make thoughtful and unique gifts. Whether it’s a special occasion or just because give the gift of nature and beauty with a snow goose mount.

Snow Goose Mounts as Collectibles

For avid snow goose hunters and collectors, snow goose mounts can be incredibly valuable. Not only are they beautiful pieces of art, but they also hold a great deal of sentimental value for those who have taken part in the hunt.

Rarity and Value

The rarity and uniqueness of each snow goose mount make them highly sought after by collectors. Each one is truly one-of-a-kind, making them both valuable and desirable.

Preservation and Conservation

A well-mounted snow goose can last for many years if properly cared for. This is another reason why they are so desirable to collectors.

Trading and Selling

With the right knowledge, it is possible to trade or sell snow goose mounts. They are often sold through specialist taxidermy shops or at auctions, where their rarity and value can command a high price.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Mounting Snow Geese

When mounting snow geese, there are several common mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.

Poor Field Care and Cleaning

Before you send your snow goose to the taxidermist, make sure that it is properly cared for in the field. Clean off any dirt and debris, as well as remove all feathers. This will help ensure a high-quality mount once your bird has been mounted.

Rushing the Process

Taxidermy takes time and shouldn’t be rushed. Make sure to give yourself plenty of time before the mounting process begins so that everything can be done correctly and with proper care.

Choosing the Wrong Taxidermist

It’s important to do research before choosing a taxidermist for your snow goose mount. Read reviews, ask questions, and check out their portfolio before making a decision.

Poor Display and Maintenance

To ensure that your snow goose mounts look their best for years to come, make sure to dust them regularly and follow any maintenance instructions provided by your taxidermist. If possible, have them inspected by a professional every few years to ensure the integrity of your mount.

Tips for Capturing the Perfect Shot

When it comes to photographing your snow goose mounts, there are a few tips that can help you get great shots. Try using natural light and a neutral background, as well as making sure your camera is at eye level with the mount. Also, take multiple shots from different angles and perspectives.


1. What is the average cost of a snow goose mount?

The cost of a snow goose mount can vary greatly depending on the size and quality of the bird, as well as the taxidermist doing the work. On average, you should expect to spend between $200 - $500 for a full-body mount.

2. How long does the process of mounting a snow goose take?

The process of mounting a snow goose can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks. This includes skinning, preserving, and mounting the bird.

3. What is the best pose for a snow goose mount?

The best pose for a snow goose mount depends on personal preference. However, some popular poses include landing, in-flight, or perched on a branch or rock.

4. How do I properly care for and maintain my snow goose mount?

To properly care for your snow goose mount, dust it regularly with a soft cloth and make sure to keep it away from direct sunlight or other sources of heat as these can cause fading over time. It’s also important to have your mount inspected by an expert every few years to ensure its integrity.

5. Are there any legal considerations when mounting snow geese?

Yes, the sale of migratory bird parts is regulated by the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918 and it is important to follow all laws when buying or selling mounts. Make sure you check with your state’s regulations before making a purchase or engaging in any trading activities.

6. Can I mount a snow goose if I didn't personally hunt it?

Yes, as long as you have legally acquired the bird and followed all applicable laws and regulations. It's important to make sure that you have all of the proper paperwork, such as hunting tags and permits, in order before beginning the mounting process.

7. How do I transport my snow goose mount?

When transporting your snow goose mount, it’s important to use a well-padded box for protection. Make sure to line the box with bubble wrap or other padding and secure the mount inside before shipping. It’s also important to check with your local laws and regulations regarding the transportation of mounted birds as it can vary by state or country.


Snow goose mounts are a great way to showcase your hunting successes and remember the memories of a hunt that you’ll never forget. Through proper care and maintenance, your mount will stay beautiful for years to come. Before beginning the process of mounting a snow goose, make sure you research local laws and regulations as well as find a reputable taxidermist with a good portfolio and reputation.

Also, to bag that perfect snow goose that you can display proudly, contact us at Thunderbird Outfitters. Our professional snow goose hunting guides will make sure you have a successful hunt and capture the perfect snow goose to add to your trophy collection.

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