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Your Guided Duck & Goose Hunting Adventure Travel Plan

Your next guided duck and goose hunt trip in Saskatchewan, Canada can be a great adventure with the right planning. Here at Thunderbird Outfitters, we are committed to helping you have the best experience possible without the hassle. To make this entire process as seamless as possible for you, we’ve put together some essential information you need for planning your

next guided goose and duck hunt.

Where To Go for Your Guided Goose & Duck Hunts in Saskatchewan, Canada?

When it comes to choosing the right outfitter, location is key. Thunderbird Outfitters is one of the prime goose and duck hunting guides in Saskatchewan, Canada. We are located just a short 3 hours from Saskatoon International Airport, which has service from Air Canada, West Jet, Delta, and KLM.


What Should You Pack For Your Guided Duck and Goose Hunt?

One of the most important aspects of planning your next hunting adventure is to make sure you bring all the essentials. This includes:

Your passport is essential for traveling to Saskatchewan, Canada. If you do not have a passport, please begin the application process as soon as possible as it can take up to 6 weeks to receive.

You’ll need a place to store all of your gear while you’re on the hunt. 

Make sure to pack a pair of sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun and glare off the water.

You’ll want to bring a cooler to store any game you may harvest during your hunt. This will keep your meat fresh until you can get it processed.

Be prepared for anything Mother Nature may throw your way with a good rain jacket.

Earplugs or hearing protection are essential for waterfowl hunting.

We provide mixers, but if you have a favorite drink, feel free to bring it along. Just remember to drink responsibly.

A headlamp is great for early morning hunts when it’s still dark out.

Be sure to pack a hat and gloves to keep warm during those chilly mornings.

Hunters need to bring a 12 gauge shotgun. 

Ready To Book Your Next Guided Duck or Goose Hunt?

Now that you know what to bring, all that’s left is to book your trip with Thunderbird Outfitters! We offer all-inclusive duck and goose hunting packages that provide everything you need for a successful and enjoyable hunt.
Contact us today to book your next guided duck or goose hunting adventure.

It’s Time To Start Planning Your Next Hunting Adventure.

Book a guided duck or goose hunt with Thunderbird Outfitters and enjoy a world-class hunting experience in Saskatchewan, Canada.

We are located 3 hours from

Saskatoon International Airport. Saskatoon airport is served by Air Canada, West Jet, Delta, KLM, 



• Passport

• Blind Bag/Backpack

• Sunglasses

• Cooler (to bring stuff home)

• Rain Gear

• Ear Protection

• Alcohol (we provide mixers)

• Headlamp

• Hat and Gloves

• 12 Gauge Shotgun

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