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Everything You Need To Know About Spring Snow Goose Hunts

The thrill of snow goose hunting is undeniable. From the pre-hunt anticipation to the excitement of bagging your first bird, spring snow goose hunting is an experience you won’t soon forget.

But if you’re new to the sport, it can seem a bit daunting if you don’t know what to expect. What’s the best time of year to hunt snow geese? Where should you go? What’s included in our guided spring snow goose hunt package?

Overall, spring snow goose hunts offer a great opportunity for hunters of all levels. In this blog post, we’ll discuss everything you need to know before embarking on your first spring snow goose hunt in Saskatchewan.

When Is Spring Snow Goose Hunt Season in Saskatchewan?

The spring snow goose hunt season typically runs from mid-March to mid-June, and it’s a great way to kick off the spring hunting season. During this time, large numbers of snow geese migrate from their winter homes in the south to their nesting grounds in the north.

Saskatchewan is known as the migratory pit stop for snow geese, as they usually travel through the province during their journey. This makes Saskatchewan an ideal spot for spring snow goose hunts, as the birds are concentrated and easy to hunt at this time of year.

What's more, with such a copious amount of dry fields filled with rich vegetation, snow geese will stop and feed and even rest in Saskatchewan for a few days before continuing on their journey north. This offers hunters an excellent chance to bag some spring snow geese. Plus, they will be plump and full of meat, making them even more attractive prey!

Where Is The Best Place To Hunt Snow Goose In Spring?

When it comes to spring snow goose hunting in Saskatchewan, there’s no shortage of great spots. Many hunters flock to the agricultural landscapes of Saskatchewan’s prairie provinces.

The province is home to over two-fifths of Canada's total cropland, which means that it is teeming with potential snow geese hunting grounds. Plus, the abundance of wetlands and sloughs also provides excellent habitat for spring snow geese.

They tend to rest more as they get closer to their breeding grounds, so you’re likely to have the best luck hunting in the northern parts of Saskatchewan closer to the summer months. Also, they tend to migrate during the day, making this the opportune time to hunt them.

Nevertheless, to make sure that you have a successful hunt, you have to hire an experienced snow goose hunting guide. They have the necessary knowledge of the snow geese' flight paths and their feeding grounds. So they know the perfect spots to set up your blinds and the best strategies to employ for a successful hunt.

What Is Included In The Spring Snow Goose Hunt Package?

We at Thunderbird Outfitters provide a spring snow goose hunt package for an unforgettable hunting experience. Our goal is to make the hunt as easy and enjoyable for you as possible.

When you book a guided snow goose hunt package with us, we provide the following:

  • 3 Days of Hunting

  • Lodging

  • Prepared Meals

  • Snacks for 3 Days

  • Hunting License

  • Shotgun & Shells

  • Bird Cleaning & Freezing Services

  • Professional Guides

Our guided snow goose hunt package includes all of the essentials for a successful hunt. We also provide guide services for the duration of your stay to ensure that you have a positive hunting experience and get to take home plenty of spring snow geese.

What Is Not Included In The Spring Snow Goose Hunt Package?

While we strive to provide all the necessities for a successful spring snow goose hunt, there are a few things that are not included in our guided snow goose hunt package. These include:

  • Personal items and gear

  • Transportation to and from the airport

  • Gratuities and tips

  • Airfare

Here is a full list of what to pack for your spring snow goose hunt so you don’t forget anything.

How Many Snow Geese Can You Hunt in Spring in Saskatchewan?

The number of snow geese that you can hunt in spring in Saskatchewan depends on the conservation regulations set by Environment and Climate Change Canada. These conservation regulations may vary every couple of years to maintain healthy populations of snow geese.

According to Summary of Migratory Birds Hunting Regulations: Saskatchewan, August 2022 to July 2023, the daily limit for snow geese is 20 per person and there is no possession limit.

What Licenses Do I Need To Hunt Snow Geese in Saskatchewan?

To hunt snow geese in Saskatchewan, you will need valid licenses. This can be obtained through Saskatchewan official government office or a local outfitters’ office such as Thunderbird Outfitters. Taking the approach to working with a guide is highly recommended as they will have local knowledge and be up-to-date with hunting regulations. Plus, they can guide you further in filling out the necessary paperwork for a successful hunt.

The licenses you need include:

  • Hunting license

  • Non-resident firearm declaration

How Do I Book A Spring Snow Goose Hunt?

If you’re ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, you can book your spring snow goose hunt with Thunderbird Outfitters. Our experienced guides are knowledgeable about the snow geese’ migration patterns and provide a package that covers all of your hunting needs.

We have years of experience in providing successful spring snow goose hunts and will work with you to create an unforgettable experience. Contact us today to book your guided snow goose hunt and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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